Beats by Dr Dre Studio Review

beats by dre The Beats by Dr Dre Studios are one great pair of headphones. They are made under the inspiration of Dr Dre himself and others such as Noel Lee and Ammunition. Beats Studios are battery powered (2xAAA). The reason behind the battery power is for sound isolation. They are meant to block out sound so you enjoy your music the way it was intended and I can attest to that. They do a great job at what they claim to do! Beats are aimed at people who listen to rap or any music with beats, hence the name Beats. They boost bass so you get every decimal of sound wanted. Some people complain the actual singing or rapping is muffled, but is easily not true at all. Of course! Beats Studios are probably one of the most fashionable, if not the most, and have excellent build quality. They are absolutely amazing. You are able to fold them up without having to worry about them getting loose. The Beats are made of the utmost durable material built to last. They are so durable that I dropped them a couple of times, no dents, chips, scratches, nothing. They are probably the most durable headphones I have every used, better than skull candies. On that note, there are better headphones out there, but if you want style and sound, get Beats. Other brands are Bose, Skull Candy, and Seinheisser. All three are great names to buy from.

beats by dre Average rating: 4.9, based on reviews from $92.71 to $199.92